Who We Are

Information and telecommunication systems have become an indispensable part of the modern social infrastructure in business and other areas of daily life. IT is also essential for bringing forth innovation. PC Stop’s response to these needs is based on competitive IT products and services and seeks to deliver reliability and safety globally by acting as a solution partner to our customers.
PC Stop is a professional company supporting the IT & Telecommunications industry. Our business covers the spectrum of voice, data, electronic safety & security, and audio & video technologies. It encompasses the design, integration and installation of pathways, spaces, fiber- and copper-based distribution systems, wireless-based systems and infrastructure that supports the transportation of information and associated signaling between and among communications and information gathering devices.
PC Stop provides consultation, planning, development, design and implementation for individuals and companies. We have partnership agreements with major blue chip organisations in 150 countries and over 5000 ITS freelance consultants. These individuals provide the fundamental infrastructure & project management for IT, telecommunications, audio/video, life safety and automation systems.

How We Do It

PC Stops aim is manifest in the following three areas;
The first is a platform solutions business based around storage products that boast large servers across the world. The need to handle and administer huge volumes of data securely is growing internationally and growth is also expected in emerging markets.
The second is a consulting business which combines IT products and services with PC Stop’s extensive industry knowledge. The ability of this business to meet customer needs is being enhanced by the establishment of a global consulting network that includes partnership agreements in 150 countries.
The third is a comprehensive IT service business that draws on the know-how PC Stop has built up through nearly a decade of experience. The aim is to establish a leading position in this field by utilizing the synergies between PC Stop’s consulting capabilities and the platform technologies for which it has already earned a strong reputation.

PC Stop’s is also pursuing greater added value and service-orientation in its information and telecommunication systems business. Examples of new initiatives include helping reduce operation and administration costs by offering platforms as a service and the provision of highly reliable cloud services. for key tasks such as social infrastructure systems and mission-critical applications in core corporate systems.
In this way, PC Stop is leading the way in technology through achieving innovation as our customer's best solutions partner.

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